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Web Design Strasbourg Offers Highly Relevant Design to be Displayed In the recent past Google has made humungous changes in the way the search results are displayed. Google is tightening the standards for authorship results that are being displayed on the search engine. The reason for this is to ensure that the quality of the content and the authorship are relevant to the end reader. The quality of content that is being written has now become highly relevant to website design and the way it is displayed. Now the author is being ranked based on the content written. Unless it is of superior quality one cannot expect their web page to show up in the first few results. At Arihant Webtech, we understand this concept and accordingly offer our Web Design services in Strasbourg.

In relevance to the recent changes made to the search engine one might wonder how to maximize the chances of turning up on the search results for a certain query. If one as an author believe in best practice sharing then he would believe that social media, high quality content and relevance go hand in hand for search results. If one makes his content worth reading then search engine is designed to display that content in the first order. Factoring SEO in the framework of website design alone does not do the magic anymore. One needs to claim his content as per the relevance of the subject.

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Most websites have interesting videos right on their landing page. With the usage of HTML 5 playing videos have become easier. One do not need a high speed connection to use them anymore. These videos are displayed using YouTube as well. Using the advent of multiple technologies a website design can be made into a successful tool of business growth. The video may contain snippets, a PowerPoint presentation or a product introduction. It doesn't matter to the visitor as long as it can be engaging. The key to maintaining high volume of visitors is to stay in current with the changing trends and Arihant Webtech Pvt Ltd takes care of this changing dynamics.

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