Why You Should Avoid Black Hat SEO Techniques

 June 30, 2018 |  Admin


Rules and regulations are established to provide a relevant, useful and safe environment or to make sure the quality of user experience. But, still, there are the people who try to beat search engines and bring organic traffic to their sites without following rules. That is black hat SEO. If you want to get high ranking in search engines, then you need needs keep up with the latest and changing SEO trends and continuously changing your approach according to them to suit any algorithm updates such as Google Panda, Penguin, etc.

Why Avoid Black Hat SEO?
Black Hat SEO tactics can get a website banned from search engines like Google penalties are getting more sophisticated as well as can have upsetting effects on your site rankings and traffic. So, to keep your business genuine and afloat online, avoid black hat SEO techniques and go white hat SEO techniques.

Here Are Some Black Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid

Duplicate Content
Google and other search engines love unique and good quality content which is why content deliberately duplicated across various domains is perceived as one of the foulest black hat techniques. Duplicate content can prevent your pages from ranking in the search engines or can dilute your link profile where content is post in more than on places on your own site .It is a clear sign of manipulation of rankings when the same outcomes are found in the Google listing, and as a result of poor user experience.

Guaranteed Rankings
There are many SEO companies in Delhi that do performance based SEO meaning they guarantee you 100 percent top rankings for your selected keywords. Sounds great right? But, it’s wrong! These companies have two main issues- 1) They will promise that they can get you ranked for obscure search terms that have no value to driving traffic or conversions to your site. 2) Most of these SEO companies use short-term spam strategies to get you quick rankings in search engines that certainly tank soon after you have sent them money for SEO services. You are left with a website that was worse than it was before. So, hire a reliable SEO company in Delhi that does not make wrong promises.

Article Spinning
A very common black hat SEO tactic that uses software to take an article and make many derivatives of that piece. Many website owners try content spinning to manipulate the link graph or spam the search results, and they all had their site penalized or banned from Google. Article Spinning is done by using black hat SEO software to find synonyms and replacing them all over the article. Spinning content articles don’t make any sense when read.

Doorway Pages
Also known as gateway pages, bridge pages or jump pages, which are optimized for targeted keywords selected by you and intended to rank high for specific queries. These pages have little value and are created in order to deceive the search engine into providing the site higher rankings.

Black hat techniques are risky to practice as they are detected sooner or later. As a result, your website can be penalized or banned from search engines. Therefore, when you hire an SEO Company in India make sure that they use only white hat SEO techniques


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