Tips for doing Search Engine Optimization for Low Volume Keywords

 April 21, 2017 |  Admin


SEO- Acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Now a days everyone is talking about SEO and every business man want that his site on the first page of Google, because being on first page of Google bring traffic to him and this traffic is going to get convert in the business. So they are continuously push their SEO Companies and as a result of that Company Admin or company head push their SEO team for getting result. If you are that SEO guy and if you have keywords which are having good amount of traffic then you are the lucky one but in case if you are working on low search volume category or keyword then you are facing a difficult time because there is less volume of traffic on their site and as a result of that there is less conversion. So that business man which are related to that type of site is become furious and as a consequence your head also become furious on you.

I am writing this blogpost by keeping the above described scenario in mind and tried to provide you the solution in best possible way which is followed by seo company in India. Let’s come to the point

In order to get your website on first page of search engine you need to make sure that you are providing best value to the search browser than any other website in that particular category and from the word value I mean to say to make strong your website on page and some other check which are described below:

  • Is your link profile clean?
  • Does your website have cross linking of pages within?
  • Does your websites have regular updates?
  • Is Search Engine Crawler crawl your website regularly?
  • Has your website have SSL certificate?
  • Does your website have unique and descriptive Title and Meta Tags?
  • Is Google analytics are attached properly?
  • Does your site appear trustworthy?

Once you have completed the task which is described above then time will come where you have to search key terms for your website, which are best related to your website category, key terms from which you can get enquiry. These words are called Keywords. Now attach these Keywords top the related pages of websites and if you find fail in finding the page related to keywords then create a new page. I would suggest you that you should target short tail keyword or keyword with wide variety on your home page or index page and long tail keyword or closely related keyword to your product page. In this way you can provide ranking to your client on his desired keyword and you can help him in getting traffic on his website. I am also sharing some tips regarding focusing the keyword:

  • Target long tail keywords with the page optimized for that keyword.
  • Target informational queries or short tail keyword and target it on the pages which are made to push the user towards more transnational pages


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