Local 3-pack- Google to Launch Ever Advanced Paid Local Listing Technique

 August 4, 2017 |  Admin


Local 3-pack of listings of Google is going to show adverts for specific searches, taking down the
number of organic listings to just 2. It was first stated by Joy Hawkins of Imprezzion Marketing
who shared the news on Twitter in a meeting at MSX Advanced.

Now, the main question is: how is it better for searchers and from SEO point of view? Google has always provided the most
appropriate results to the queries of searchers. Until today and now, the local 3-pack was a
reliable way of finding high-quality local businesses in a neighborhood. Can an advert be
applauded by searchers who have been familiar to the organic listings featured in this service?
The new local pack ad unit is now available for users, but it’s impacts are yet to be seen in a full-
fledged way. It is another AdWords extension to local businesses which have a link up of their
Google My Business Listings and AdWords account.

To elucidate that the new local ad unit is dissimilar to the new local “DEAL” tag for hotel
searches which we notified a few days ago. As per news received the local 3-pack is undergoing
some changes for sure. Is it the last major change or will we be able to see more coming in the
near future? Well for that, we can only wait and see.


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