Google brings Automatic Call Extension for Mobile ads from Feb 2017

 March 17, 2017 |  Admin


Google brings Automatic Call Extension in Mobile Ads from Feb 2017. It means call extension now will be seen in mobile ads from now onwards with other Ads Extension, when you see an ad in your mobile. It is expected that this extension will increase the Click through Rate and even conversion for the advertiser means they can get more conversion which brings more happiness on their face.

Google also brings some change related to the appearance of the ads for the mobile user while attaching call extension with other ads extension. It seems that it will impact more the kind of business which have needed local presence and mostly depend on calls rather mailing and other medium of contact. So experience this new change which might be the revolutionary step to increase the engagement or interaction with the customer. Let discuss about the impact of this change

First Question arises in the mind “Will this change bring benefit or increase the challenges for business Entrepreneur????

It has been officially announced by the Google to their advertisers who has been practicing Google Adwords to bring the customer for their business that Google will automatically generate the call, extension form February 2017 by picking the phone number which is featured on the landing page of the website. So you can see that this extension simplified the use of Call Extension for the user. Earlier you have to go to the extension tab, then choose Call Extension from the extension list, then you can add the number into it. From now onwards, this all step becomes vanish and your number will start display just by entering the landing URL in the old-world.

Second Question Arise “Where I can see the reporting????

After this update you can now see the reports either at the ad campaign level or at the ad group level. You can check it on the all extension reports not in an automated extension report where you will be able to see all the number who call on your ads which is either picked by Google or your representative.

Third Question is “What parameters will be included in the report????

You can get a detailed report about the performance of your call Extension which include call duration, call start, call end and caller area code, even you can check it that either the call is connected to not with the help of this report. If you want, you can also set up Conversion tracking code which will be more effective for you.

My Website has a Dynamic Phone Number

Google will not pick any number from your webpage, if your website has a dynamic number on the landing page. As a result, no automatic extension will created by Google for you.

What I can do, if I do not want to pay for the calls?

You have a phone number on the landing page of your website, this number is picked by the Google and include it in the call extension with your ad. But in case you did not want it, then you can remove it by going into the Call Extension Section which will come in the Ad Extension tab.

Conclusion based on the Initial Report

If you are opting a business which are running entirely with a central phone number for conversion tracking or any other reason then there is a chance that you might face some challenges after this update in the Google Adwords according to the initial analysis report which is coming after this Update.

Surprise from Google

A few advertiser got a surprise email from Google, which is explaining all the changes related to this automated call extension and how it will affect the advertiser which are using Call Extension and local Extension in the campaign on Google Adwords.

Changes coming in call expansions

It is shown from last month that there are some changes being in the extension tab of the Google Adwords. Now you can see that local Phone Number is displayed along with the address of local advertiser in all the local searches either they have used the call extension with their ads or not.


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