Essential SEO Tips for your Blogspot Blog

 April 3, 2017 |  Admin


There are lots of blogs distributed in the internet which compared the two famous Blogging Platform. One is Blogspot which is provided by google while the other is WordPress. Among them WordPress is always winning due to the availability of famous SEO Plugin like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO. So it is easy to optimize the WordPress blog on the search engine. But If you are a fan of Blogspot and you want to continue with your blog with blogspot then you should take care of below point which are I am going to Illustrate below

Tips and Tricks for Blogspot Users

Whenever anyone started talking about SEO then two terms came (On Page and Off Page) into the discussion. ON Page is mainly related to your website which include the format of your website, the content of your website, use of keyword density in your page, meta tags, URL Mapping and other some issue likes that. While under OFF Page SEO we are talking about the methodology to perform link building on another website. In this post I am sharing the tips and tricks you can use with your Blogspot Template so that it came started in the search engine and you would reach to your targeted customer.

1. Format of your blog post URL

URL Structure plays a great role in optimizing your web page in the search engine. There are few short rules which you have to acknowledge and you should follow them if you want your post in search engine.

  • Keep the number of Character not more than 50
  • Remove stop words from your URL

You have the option to change your page URL or permalink of the URL of your post. Simply use it to make the changes which I mentioned in the point above. When you are writing your blogspot, you have the option in your right panel to change the permalink option into manual or automatic. Always select the manual option, by doing so you always change your permalink according to your wish.

2. Keep the density of your Keyword

If you want to improve your ranking in the search engine then you should maintain the proper keyword density in your blog. Double highlight the word properly because if you have too low keyword density then it is difficult to rank in the search engine and if it is too high then it would be spammy in the eyes of search engine. According to my research and analysis 2% are the proper ratio, which one can maintain in their blog post. You can use the keyword in the Title and Post but always keep in mind that never ever try to stuff keyword in your blog post to manipulate the search engine that will only hurt your keyword ranking.

3. Proper Labeling of your BlogSpot posts

You can add number of keywords with your blog post by labeling it with keywords which are related to your post. You should use keywords with wide category in the labels rather than using specific category keywords.

4. Formatting your Blogger Post Title

We all know heading plays a major role in optimizing your post for the search engine optimization. This rule is also applicable with Blogspot. In Blogspot you can find out that your post title is followed by the title of your blog. It would be a major drawback for your ranking in the search engine. You can fix that by following method.

Go to Edit HTML
Find out Code Section
You will find out

Replace the above with
<b:if cond= ‘data:blog.pageType == “index”‘>
Now you can see that your post have its own title

5. Use Images according to SEO terms and condition

According to SEO Terms and Conditions every image which is used in your content should have alt tag and title Tag. In Worpress there are a number of plugins you have find to fix this, but in blogspot you have to do it manually by going on each every image which is used in your blog.

6. Provide Meta Tags

Meta tags are usually HTML generated tags which are used by search engines to get the information from the page to identify it, that it has belonged to which category or keyword. They have much influence on the search engines in the early days, but now a day it has very little impact on crawler, but you can’t ignore it.

7. Nofollow External Links

Nofollow is an HTML attribute specified on hyperlinks to block search engine advantage which is taken by external links of your website. In Google Blogger, you can add rel= “nofollow??? attribute just after the URL which prevent search engine, from crawling that link from your website by selecting the HTML Section from your post section of your blogger.

8. Comment Section of Your Blog

Comment Section is the area of your blog where you can interact with other peoples. It also keeps your post alive as regular content is added in your page in the form of a comment. You can enable Google plus comment form with blogspot which integrates with your blog.


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