Did Google Silently release an Update on 8th March?

 March 20, 2017 |  Admin


All the webmaster of the world becomes active from last Wednesday. There is a drop of traffic, which is seen by lots of websites after the last Wednesday. You can see it on all the major SEO blogs and forums that people are talking about this pseudo update of Google. But from Google there is no official words on this update, but also did not deny it. As per the history we can assume that some major change regarding the algorithm of Google is launched recently which shake the SEO World by affecting mainly the affiliate websites or websites which are solely made for Google Adsense. These websites have seen a major drop in organic ranking after the update of Google and lays 50 to 90 percent of their organic traffic. Large numbers of these type of sites is not made by Industry experts and the information which is given by these types of websites is already spread on the internet in many forms. So we can say that content is not useful at all. They wrap their ads with this content, sometimes they blend it so nicely that it is difficult to figure out this is the ads for which all the write up is written.

Forgive me if I am looking harsh for these kind of website. I did not want to say that all these websites are not useful, but mostly comes with this bracket. Other than that the website which is having shallow content or low quality content is also affected by this update

Now Question Arise What Fred do and why does it came into Existence?

When we research the effect on the website after releasing Fred, it is finding out that Fred is a close relative of Famous Google Penguin and if you are indulging in Spammy Link Building or following any technique of this type, then it might affect your ranking and as a result of that your website is vanished from Page 1 of Google. Might be a chance you can see a sudden increase in ranking this is the good effect of this update. Probably spammy links will gown down and their ranking is acquired by their competitors, who follow white hat link building technique.


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