Better You Do Google Analytics Activities, Better will Business Generation

 December 28, 2017 |  Admin


Digital marketing is an immensely vast field where you will find number of components supporting the procedure for getting desired leads. One of the constituents is Google Analytics and this helps you in analyzing the behavior, time, location of website visitors. The tool also helps in collecting data and utilizing it to generate reports and share insights on the interaction of visitors to the website. As such there are numerous Google Analytics metrics that can help in framing excellent marketing strategies-

When we discuss SEO, SMO or PPC like digital marketing procedures, we prominently focus on traffic generated on the website. Google Analytics helps in addressing and mapping those sources and thus gives an opportunity to digital market service to extract the data and use them in further promotion activities. Service provider becomes able to target those locations in a stronger way than before after collecting the data. Learn how you will create a successful Google Analytics activity-

Sources of Traffic Generation:

There are three types of visitors-

  • Direct Visitor– The visitor enters your website by putting URL directly into the address bar.
  • Referral Visitor- The visitor which is being re-directed to your website.
  • Search Visitor– The user gets to your website after getting the details in SERP’s query.
    These sources enable the SEO service provider top to detect the opportunity of conversion and also describe how much traffic has been generated by these sources.


Demographics is one of the important Google Analytic metrics which is formed by the combination of gender and age. This metric helps in efficiently targeting the audience from different countries.

Real-Time Data:

The tab of Real-Time shows ongoing live activity on the website. When you post anything on social media channels, this one allows you to check the live visitor activity and enables you to analyze the popularity of your content.


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