Are You Ready to Follow SEO 2018 Resolutions

 January 04, 2018 |  Admin


Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! This would be our first blog in New Year and we are starting with one of the promising procedures of Digital Marketing, i.e. SEO. You, I and everybody set resolutions in the New Year and so SEO has done. Here are some SEO resolutions in 2018 for you-

  • Learn more & more about link metrics – Most of the people refer link metrics of Majestic’s Citation Flow or Moz’s Domain Authority as they thought they are co0ming from Google, but that could not be sufficient. These are only measuring links and if you want more benefits from link metrics to look at more numbers of link metrics.
  • Do not leave 404 errors unresolved – Pay more and more attention to 404 errors. One error may not gather your attention, but what if you find your website getting hundreds. In 2018 and ever do not leave 404 errors unresolved as excessive numbers of 404 can lead to a bad user experience. Remove them from Google crawls them.
  • Do not use similar email template for every business calling – No plagiarism in email template! Discard the practice if you are doing so as SEO 2018 resolutions would never welcome such activities. Always create different email campaigns for different clients and never mix them as well.

All of the above-mentioned information has been brought to you by Arihant Webtech, Delhi, India. Our SEO service also like to educate our contemporaries to educate and update them with new arrivals in search engine optimization. Hope you find these pieces of information useful and acknowledgeable.


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