5 SEO Trends: Following by SEO Experts in 2018

 August 10, 2018 |  Admin


Without any doubt, the year 2018 is looking to be huge in search engine optimization (SEO). Voice search, Official mobile-First Indexing, artificial intelligence, increased search personalization, Accelerated Mobile Pages and the list goes on. In this informative post, we’re going to provide you with top 5 SEO Trends for 2018.

Mobile Is Big
More than 50 % of Google searches coming from mobile phones with the rise of voice search, the impending mobile-first index, as well as mobile-friendliness, being a key factor in ranking, so you can’t ignore mobile SEO. At present, there is 2 billion plus Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP’s) and about 40% user interaction has been increased due to faster loading speed and it will increase more in this year and coming years. So, it’s time for mobile optimization and most of the traffic was from mobile last year rather than from the desktop. So, all the businesses and organizations will put mobile first in 2018. Apart from this, about 60% of web traffic comes from the mobile phones which are a big portion of web traffic. So, mobile-first indexing is becoming more and more important by every passing day.

Visual Search
Both pictures and videos always boost the interest of users as an image explains and depict more than the content. SEO strategies in this year will be more oriented towards visualizing the content because it will provide an interactive approach to users. Many leading search engines like Google, Pinterest and Bing have already started investing in the development of the visual search engines. So, every SEO company in India needs to focus on optimizing their client’s visual content to be prominent in the crowd.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP)
Launched in February 2016, it is a new Google initiative to create a better and more user-friendly mobile Web simply by presenting a new “standard” for constructing web content for mobile phones. Usually, this new standard is a set of rules and regulations that form a lighter and simple version of HTML and web pages built in compliance with AMP are to load fast on all mobile phones.

Tailored SERP’s
SERP (search engine ranking pages) personalization has been a thing from 2007. However, Google has caught sophisticated with its algorithm by providing outcomes that are based on users search history, their local geography, interests, and activities throughout many other Google apps. So, every user is going to have a search experience that is personalized.

Long Tail Keywords
Your business site needs to provide deeper information across a variety of keywords to make sure the bounce rate decreases. Also, the search should be limited to long keywords rather than short tail conversational terms. Using long tail keywords will help your web pages rank higher on search engines and get targeted traffic as well. Every reliable SEO company in Delhi knows that the prime goal of any website should not only be to rank higher, but to satisfy their customers as well.

SEO field is getting improvised, bigger and better every year. Without any doubt, the same is expected to happen in this year.


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