5 Key Business Advantages Of Having Responsive Web Design

 July 30, 2018 |  Admin


Responsive web design (RWD) has been getting more and more popularity and significance ever since Google said that mobile-friendly websites will see a big boost in their search engine ranking in 2015. So, we are going to mention a few key benefits of RWD Website designing in this post and take a look at them.

1. Mobile Traffic Increases
According to some research, about 54% of all worldwide web traffic originated from mobile phones, so you cannot afford to ignore responsive web design. You have to find out how many of your visitors come from phones and how much time they spend on your site. After that implement responsive design and compare than the two numbers. You will see an increase in mobile visits once your site adapts to the viewport width as well as more time by those same visitors on the website.

2. Bounce Rates Reduce
This is one of the most vital yet misunderstood metrics in Google Analytics. Bounce rate means “The percentage of single interaction visits to your site”. If you have a responsive website then visitors will stay on your site longer, as a result, your bounce rate will reduce. They will be more inclined to click through as well as read other web pages and explore everything you are offering likes products, services, discounts, and so on.

3. Boost Conversion Rates
The user will have an improved site experience because there is no need to use standardized Style Sheets (across devices, for redirection, and a unified design approach will make a consistent look and feel. Keep in mind that steady user experience will have a big positive impact on the conversion rates since people are familiar with site, navigation or system used across mobile devices.

4. Save Cost On Mobile Development
It takes very less time and cost than making another mobile website. Testing across many websites rises your development, maintenance and support overhead cost. Standardized testing methods can be used since styles are re-used and optimized by devices. Your site can be managed with a particular set of hypertext links, so reducing the time spent maintaining your website.

5. Improved SEO
Improved search engine ranking is another great benefit of responsive web design. Google already said that the responsiveness of your site as one of the signals that find out the rank of your site in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). If your site is not mobile friendly, then Google will place it lower on the results page but will show up higher if it is responsive. SEO campaigns can be both times consuming and expensive, but all of your efforts can be focused on a single website by creating a responsive site. Content is king in SEO, so ensure you have good quality content on your website as it increases your chances for a higher search engine ranking.

There are many responsive web design benefits for your business. So, if your site isn’t yet responsive, then it is the right time to make it responsive.

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