4 Key Reasons You’re Not Ranking In Search Engines

 May 21, 2018 |  Admin


Doing social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, etc, making some blog commenting, posting few blogs and articles and directory submission won’t give your website the right boost if it has errors. So, let’s focus on some issues that every reliable website designing company in Delhi recommends to fix before you start promoting your website online. So, keep an eye on the factors mentioned below and your site will perform perfectly on the search engine.

• Irritating Popups
Google said in their post recently, “Website owners must avoid using intrusive interstitial and pop-User experience, particularly on mobile phones, is important to Google”. When creative popups appear before your site visitors can access prime content, it can negatively impact User experience” (UX) and, ultimately, your SEO ranking.

• No High-Quality Backlinks
When it comes to gaining backlinks, quality is more important than quantity. That means a link from a relevant site in your niche is more valuable than 100 links from low-quality sites. The quality and volume of your backlinks are a strong sign of how dependable your website is, and when Search engines listing your site in search results, they take this into account.

• Page Length
Keep in mind that it is extremely annoying for a site visitor to scroll more than 5 times to get their preferred section in your website. Therefore, keep your site short-heighten and keep your visitors happy and satisfied. Also, make sure that your website load quickly and this means under 5 seconds because any longer than that and you are losing customers and finally sales.

• Thin Content
High-quality content makes the prime difference in how well your site performs when it comes ranking highly. The most important pages on a website are Product and service pages. The higher rankings you can get for them, the more business you will have. Some of the common mistakes related to thin content are not having service and product pages on the site, having little text on your service or product pages, having one-page listing multiple products or services.

Whether you are working on a new website or website redesign your existing one, don’t forget about these critical SEO elements.


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