4 Common Mistakes in Logo Design Which Must be Avoided

 June 15, 2018 |  Admin


With more people searching online than ever, it is important for any company owner to communicate and distinguish itself from their competitors with a unique message. The quickest way people identify and remember your company is by its logo. But, logo design mistakes can cause the negative effect as well. So here is the list of a few common mistakes in logo design which must be avoided at any costs.

• Plagiarism
These days’ people are more prone to knowledge as well as acts of theft. So, it is extremely vital that you do good research before deciding on the design. In addition to this, if you have any idea in mind about concepts, design shapes, color palette, etc. then use the internet tools intelligently and search.

• Poor Color Selection
Most of the logo designer do always hurry to add colors which are wrong as colors are vital components in the design and must be analyzed well before choosing. Do not pick the colors select arbitrarily select. Also, you should check the logo in black & white and grayscale. A good business logo is something which stands by its design in all color forms

• Raster Images
A very common logo design mistake these days. Logo designs generally use the raster or vector images. Vector graphics consist of precise points while raster graphics feature pixels. Every professional Logo Design Company uses vector graphics because they scale to any print or digital size with quality.

• Many Typefaces
Keep in mind that too much or too less of anything is damaging. Too many typefaces in a single logo design is a distraction as well as highly unprofessional. Also, it says about how much indefiniteness is involved in finalizing one great logo design. Keep in mind that 1 or 2 logotypes are enough and make stronger image instead of multiple.

Therefore, logo design mistakes that we have mentioned in the post above could cause a horrifying logo design that would turn out to be a fashion that is dormant in its current position. If you do not commit these mistakes, then you can get a logo that is eye-catching and will go for long and grow with your company. You can hire a popular website designing company that provides logo design services rather than hiring an individual freelancer logo designer.

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