3 Key Web Development Trends In 2018

 June 01, 2018 |  Admin


A website becomes old after new web design trends come into practice and if you do not update your business site then you have to see the success of your business competitors. In this informative and interesting blog post, we have mentioned 3 cutting edge web design & development trends for 2018 and coming year:

1. Internet Of Things (IoT)
Keep in mind that your website will be seen from a digital watch, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, iPhone, cars and the list goes on. Therefore, your code must be as efficient as possible to make sure it is optimized for every person who opens and sees your site. There are plenty of devices that can transmit data at longer distances. Inexpensive smart-appliances and smart-lights from more companies. You will see more protocols and platform integration’s. Look for technologies that start using LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network).

2. Open UI Technology
This trend is followed by every reliable website designing company in Delhi, so it has become hot property these days. It lets the website development company to develop a web app that is responsive to all types of devices as well as can run on any browser like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. Based on JavaScript, Open UI uses JQuery as its base. Key features of Open UI are W3C Standards Compliant, available across multiple form factor, etc. Some Business Benefits of open UI include Increased User Adoption, Improved Accessibility, Multiple Device Support and Lowered Cost of Ownership.

3. State-Of-The-Art Scrolling And Parallax
Parallax means the alteration, is a great design concept that allows web developers to add an additional dimension layer to a site. In addition to this, it makes use of several backgrounds which look to move at changing speeds and so produce a sensation of depth. You can add 3D effect to a website with the help of parallax.

Remember, you can attract people with right Information, useful links and attractive pictures that your customers need. Web design and development is what entices your target audience and inspires them to go to your site and buy your products and services.

Is there any key web development trend we have missed? Let us know about it in the below comments box.


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